Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The following was an assignment for my Meta-drawing class. After everyone had read the title and artist statement I showed the slide show. They then spent approximately ten minutes trying to figure out what my artist statement actually meant and how it related to the images, before I finally told them it was bull shit and it literally did not mean anything. Fun fact I just searched artist buzz words on google and fit as many of them into a paragraph as I could.

                                                The Essence of Being

My work examines how social Darwinism has changed out perception of the Avant-garde in a post 9/11 zeitgeist

By viewing the world through a Kafkaesque lens, the viewers concepts of the "now" are challenged through the monological imperatives appropriated by Neizstche, Kant, Marx, and other great minds of western philosophy.

The viewer should walk away with a stronger sense of individualism, and feel confident in their ability to reexamine the ideals perpetuated by neo-globalizationist and consumerist societies