Wednesday, August 25, 2010

KCAI ANIM: Hunting and Gathering Project, PART 1

This is the final hill you go over to get to my dad's house in Kansas. It is a ways out there and whenever you top that final hill I can always see this one tree standing alone. It is very picturesque and I am often struck by it's beauty on the final approach. Although you can not see my dad's house in this picture whenever I come over the hill and see this tree, it reminds me I'm home.

This is the love seat on my balcony. In my first week in Kansas City I had no job, no  TV, no internet, no friends, and no air conditioning. So I spent nights on the balcony with a pack of cigarettes and my banjo, plucking away and watching the neighbors across the street. In the mornings a cup of coffee on the balcony was therapeutic. Even now with most of the luxuries I didn't have at first in place I find the balcony a great place to spend an evening.  

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  1. Concept:
    Excellent. Very compelling in both images.

    Both compositions are well executed. There is an eloquence to the minimal design. The tighter framing in the porch image is the perfect choice for the way you described the area.

    Excellent attention to detail. However, there is a lack of overall tonality. Which is essential to creating atmosphere. For instance, the road image is dappled with tone, but there isn't an overall gradation established. Without dark darks and light lights, the contrast suffers and the ambience is lost. It's implied by the composition, but lost in translation.

    Following instruction: