Thursday, September 9, 2010

Metamorphosis from Chris Hilberg on Vimeo.

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  1. This, although not my first animation, was certainly the longest, and definitely involved the most work. The assignment consisted of taking an image of our favorite childhood location, changing it through metamorphosis using straight ahead animation, and then morphing it to our favorite location in Kansas City.

    I did not really have a plan, so I just started moving objects within the drawings. Eventually there came a point when I would realize the one object looked like another and I would then proceed to turn it into what I thought it looked like, and that is how the project proceeded.

    My favorite part is the exploding head. When I was animating it I was worried because there was so much information in it that i was not able to copy it frame to frame as well as I thought I should. But fortunately it moves so fast that you can't tell anyway. When it is in motion I think it actually looks pretty good.

    Time was my enemy on this project. I worked very hard, and the week just flew by. It was both rewarding and disappointing to see the finished project. On the one hand there was the pride in seeing something I made come to life, but I was disappointed in both the quality of movement and the fact that all my hard work only produced about 10 seconds of motion.

    Overall the project was a lot of fun, and as soon as I saw the finished project it made me want to make another one!